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Introducing WorkbookPDF

Learn Korean with Kpop 🎤 French with Cheese & Wine 🧀 Spanish with Salsa 💃🏻 Practice any language with your favorite topics — Learning made fun!

Introducing WorkbookPDF

Hey, Marc here 👋

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I was kicked out of the Spanish class back in junior because I was building paper planes...

To my point, the topics were so boring 🥱

I discovered recently that GPT-4 is really good at creating grammar exercises.

So I built WorkbookPDF: Learn any language with your favorite topics 😍

For instance, you can learn French with Cheese & Wine related exercises 🧀🍷

How to build an AI language learning app in 1 week

Want to ship fast?

I'm building a community of makers who want to ship fast 🚀